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The SG New Entrepreneurial Organization is a division of the SG Group. It collects and promotes ideas aiming to realize and to implement them into the organization. Submit your idea around the process and product world of the Saargummi Group. Be inspired by your experience, current & future trends and as well by scrolling through the SG websites. Our ideas today are the realities of tomorrow.

Our ideas today are the realities of tomorrow.

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Individuals and teams are encouraged to propose their ideas. SG Neo is aiming for their realization! We are inspired by questioning what will determine our reality within the near future? What impact will robotics, virtual reality, big data, blockchain, 3 D printing, autonomous driving, nano sensors, internet of things, cyber physical systems have on our customers and our company? SG Neo was founded in order to promote the many good ideas of the SG Group with this cross divisional platform.

SG Neo fosters also pilot projects in cooperation with universities and leading research institutes.


Process innovations with robotics is tested in a collaborative effort and the know how is shared globally.
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3D Printing

SG Group corresponds to the customer needs for innovation with rapid prototyping.
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Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR are used as virtual remote control for trainings and step by step problem solution.
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The SG Group thinks that the cross divisional networking of all of its potentials is the foundation for the realization of leading innovations. The customers expect innovations. Innovations originate from ideas. Ideas develop from awareness for trends and topics that are ‘in the air’. Awareness in combination with curiosity translates trends into pragmatic real-life solutions. Many products and processes were born that way. 

SG Neo communicates ideas without barriers and promotes their implementation.

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